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11:00 (CET) April 6,  Prof. Dr. Jason Twamley  (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)

Magnetic quantum engineering of levitation systems for sensing and testing of quantum gravity

Preparing macroscopic quantum superpositions of massive objects enables one to probe new types of physics and develop new types of precision sensors. To achieve this one needs to be able to trap and control the motion of massive objects ranging from nanoscopic to microscopic length scales. Many trapping technologies utilise “active” methods for trapping e.g. laser trapping, electro-dynamic trapping etc which may also result in associated noise. We discuss techniques for magnetic trapping of objects which can be achieved completely passively – thus potentially avoiding noises associated with active trapping methods. We review the magnetic trapping and cooling of small superconducting structures, magnetically levitated macroscopic matter interferometers for gravimetry, trapping of diamond microcrystals in high vacuum and the magnetic engineering of a superposition of the Cavendish experiment to test for gravitational transduced matter entanglement.

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