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12:00 (CET) March 16,  Prof. Dr. NOBUYUKI MATSUMOTO  (University of Tohoku, Japan)

Towards Quantum Sensing with Table-top Scale Pendulum

 Recent progress in the field of laser interferometry has allowed us to directly observe gravitational waves. The matured technology in this field also has potential to shed light onto other scientific objectives such as the search for fifth-force related to dark matter, graviton-induced decoherence, and precise measurements of big G. In this talk, I will introduce our recent experimental progress on sensitive displacement measurements of a mg-scale pendulum. Such experiments involving table-top scale mechanical oscillators will pave the way to prepare quantum states of massive objects and will provide a direct insight into the quantum to classical transition as well as the above topics.


Thank you for your interest in our research. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding research in the interface of quantum mechanics, field theory and gravity.

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